A Tea Broking and Auctioning organization founded in 1987 by Late Mr. Vijay Dudeja, a veteran of the industry. In May 1988, the shares were taken over by Mr. P.R.Ninan. Over the years, Paramount Tea Marketing has established its credibility through sheer grit, profound knowledge base and great customer service to both Producers and Buyers thus emerging as amongst the largest in its segment. In its growth path over 24 years, Paramount is seen as a "young and respected" tea auctioning organization- being nimble and aligned to the positive challenges of the industries and thus always remaining contemporary and relevant. Importantly, it has also earned respect and is seen as a symbol of integrity, with rich work culture and strong core values. It has always believed that the success and growth has been due to three factors - grace of the Almighty, the people within and the sheer hard work of every team member.

Today, we are a pan India Tea auctioning organization with offices at Cochin, Coimbatore and Coonoor in the South- and Kolkata, Guwahati and Siliguri in the North India.
In the South, the operation is run under Paramount Te Marketing (SI)- registered in 2002 with a Tea Board License to operate in Cochin, Coimbatore and Coonoor. In North India, the operation runs as Paramount Tea Marketing Private Limited.

A Board, consisting of the following Directors, administers the company.

Paramount Tea Marketing (Pvt) Ltd

1. Mr. P.R. Ninan                 Managing Director
2. Mr. M.C. Karumbaiah   Director
3. Mr. Kalyan Phukan        Director

Paramount Tea Marketing (S.I) Pvt Ltd

1. Mr. P.R. Ninan                   Vice Chairman
2. Mr. A. Noor Mohamed   Managing Director
3. Mr. A.K. Venugopal         Director

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